Moving Along.....Re-opening progress...

UPDATE: Thank you all for your continued support, patience and kind words during this continued uncertain and difficult time .  We have now been "back"  in the building for three weeks.  We are still working at a reduced capacity, reduced hours and with a reduced team.  While this is difficult and not what we would have hoped for it is the only way we can operate under the guidelines that our governing bodies have provided us with, and while not ideal we are also grateful for the progress we have made and we are sending all our best wishes to our colleagues and friends at other practices who haven't been able to reopen as yet and are opening their doors for the first time on the 20th July and into August.   We are delighted that we have now scheduled appointments for all our patients who contacted us during lockdown with pain, lost fillings, lost crowns etc etc.  If you are a member and have an urgent problem that we still don't know about get in touch as soon as you

We Are Back! Re-opening procedures

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