Dental Availability During COVID-19

  Why can’t I get a dental appointment? We are open! We are providing all services! We are tired, and we are slow! Have you tried to get a dental appointment recently?? Everytime the phone rings at the practice these days I feel a little sick to the stomach (and yes the phone rings every two minutes).   We hate not being able to accommodate someone! I hope our own members haven’t been too inconvenienced and everyone’s routine appointments are somewhat on schedule!   I write this blog not just to address our own access problems but those across the board in Northern Ireland.   We were so proud of ourselves reopening as soon as we could back in late June 2020! We were the early adopters to Dentistry in COVID-19 era.   We had all our Standard Operating Procedures ready, all our PPE was sourced, Air Filtration systems installed.   We questioned why so many practices remained with their doors shut and as the weeks, months and years (!) begin to pass we are still asking these questions.

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