Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism and Dental Implants.  You would imagine dental tourism and in fact tourism in general is a general moot point at the moment and I mean there is no denying that COVID has put a pause on travel. However, the current situation has given us all a thirst for making our next holiday count. There have been a few mentions in our house that our annual 3-day trip to Wicklow might be replaced by 2 weeks in Florida in 2022. Another thing I am hearing a lot of during new patient telephone enquires at the minute is “I am considering once this is all over going abroad to have my teeth fixed”. Dental Tourism has been around for a quite a few years now and has most recently been in the news in the form of that photo of Katie Price with ‘pointy teeth’ and closer to home in the sad case of the death of local man Richard Molloy. No details have been given to the public and it would be unfair to speculate exactly what happened in this situation.  I expect once “normality” returns that

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